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Sunday, March 6, 2011

In the World Today

I'm going to attempt to update this blog more frequently, but for now here are some quick ramblings on things going on in the world today....

Ah, March! What a wonderful month. The time when I spend countless hours scrambling important documents together for financial aid, taxes, and school work in an attempt to avoid falling too far behind by the time summer rolls around and while I'm at it, perhaps I can catch a glimpse of a few basketball games here and there. I did manage to complete a scholarship audition for the IUS Music Department - let's here it for more moneys!

Louisville lost to West Virginia, but we are still a three seed in the Big East tournament. This is likely to be a pretty good finish, and I'm hoping the Cards do some serious damage in the NCAA Tournament. Rick Pitino deserves to be coach of the year. Perhaps the honor will go to Steve Lavin, even though he had all of his returning starters from the previous year....and St. Johns wasn't really what anyone would call a surprise for the 2010-2011 season.

When Fred Phelps passes away, his body should be tossed into the ocean like a ragdoll and his disciples should follow him. That's probably the darkest thing you'll hear me ever say.

For the amount it costs me to drive my car for two weeks, I could buy a bike. Damn Libyans and their plutonium bombs (that was a back to the future reference, for the youngins who didn't quite understand....)

Finally writing a piece for Concert Band. It's amazing I've never written one before, and after attempting it for just two weeks I understand why. So many instruments, with less than perfect midi replicas.....its been pretty hard to stick with it. I did manage to write a pretty cool chamber piece that can be found at

Yvonne Strahovski is my new celebrity crush. The girl is HOT. And if you don't believe me, try watching NBC's Chuck. They really better not cancel that show, or I will never watch NBC again. Like that will really matter to them. But seriously, its a great show......and I'm insanely jealous of Zachary Levi.

Adam Baldwin is a pretty big badass, as well. Another good reason to watch 'chuck'.