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Friday, July 8, 2011

Axl Rose, Religion, and the New Penny

In yesterday's "World Famous Mokracy Blog" post, Paul had this to say....

"You're arguing the wrong thing, see. It's not STP versus Velvet Revolver, it's STP versus Guns 'n Roses. Musically, GnR is what you're hearing with Velvet Revolver; this is what they'd have evolved into if Axl wasn't a no-talent egomaniac. Yeah, I said it. Now Slash will kick my ass because he's the only one who's allowed to talk smack about Axl.

Sorry, but Axl sucked. He had a cool sound that was unique, but he was a one-trick pony on-stage. Now, in the studio, that's a whole 'nuther thing. He did the entire orchestra track to "November Rain" on synth. I would never have guessed it wasn't hybrid with a live ensemble if I hadn't read it in Slash's book. That's a tough thing to pull of today, much less when they recorded it in 1991. Gotta give the man props for that."

n Let me stop you right there, Paul, and disagree that Axl actually did have a lot of vocals. Yes his sound was cool and unique but it was also comprised of very powerful vocals, that have not been matched very often. One of the reasons I loved GNR so much was BECAUSE of Axl's vocals, so I can not agree that we was overrated. But perhaps one thing we can both agree on is that he is a douchebag and ultimately the reason that most of GNR's members left and the new GNR sucks.

But then again, who am I to argue with someone who has 20 years of experience in the business. I'll let Paul keep his rock-star dictionary and I'll go back to plugging in notes on Sibelius.

The war has officially begun, Paul......

So the Church of Nazarene Convention is in town and making home to the KFC Yum! Center. I worked the event last night, and as annoying as the loud chants through the foyer were it reminded me of the National Youth Gatherings for ELCA that I attended in New Orleans and St. Louis. I decided to do some research on the Church of Nazarene because I had never heard of them before and it seems that their mission is to 'make disciples of Christ of all the nations.' So in other words, their mission is to turn everyone into a Christian. Good luck to them....

I know I've had this discussion on religious belief systems with friends on numerous occasions, but it often concerns me when I see all of these 'in-your-face' denominations that make it a point to judge your actions and warn you that if you don't 'cease' you will spend an eternal life burning in the fires of hell. Ok, well I am a Christian and do believe that there is a hell, however I also believe that God is a loving God who accepts the fact that because he gave us free will he also gave us the ability to make choices and sin. And everyone sins, and if God did not expect that of us he WOULDN'T have given us free will.

I guess that's why I am a Lutheran. Luther condemned those that rely on doctrine as the righteous path to Heaven, and prided himself on his belief that God is everywhere, could be talked to at all times, and loves all of his children. It's too bad that towards the end of his life he became very anti-Semitic.

I'm not saying that as Christians we shouldn't go out and spread the word. I think its great to get our beliefs out there! But when we use pointless threats like "You will go to hell!" that defies the teachings of Christ. We should be focusing on his love more than his supposed vengeful nature. No one should use 'fear' as the reason to worship God. And really...why would you tell someone who doesn't believe in a certain place that they are going to go there. You really think they are going to be worried?

Thank you, westboro church. I think they need to brush up on their bible because I don't think it says anywhere that God hates anything. If anything, God is the absence of hate - so why falsify our Lord like this? Perhaps it is actually an atheist agenda to turn people away from Christianity. My roommate, an atheist, said that he was HAPPY to see these protests going on because it WAS turning people away from believing. That was pretty disturbing. Regardless, Fred Phelps is an idiot and he is someone that I won't miss when he's gone.

I'd like to say that I'm not perfect, but am confident to know that I have lived a good enough life that if I were to die tomorrow I would find myself a place in Heaven. And if I'm wrong and Heaven doesn't exist, nor does God....well I still don't have anything to worry about, do I?

So today I just noticed that there is a new Penny design...perhaps there are others? This just happened to be the one that I saw.

Not really much to discuss about this....just thought it was kinda neat. I'm rarely in support of manufacturing more money if its done as a solution to economic problems because it stimulates inflation, but I'm often fascinated by new designs.

Well, another short blog today but I'm needing to get ready for a twelve-hour shift at work. Till tomorrow....


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