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Friday, July 1, 2011

Indiana Law and Patriotism

It's really tough to keep a daily blog. I have to admire Paul for that because he updates his World Famous Mokracy Blog every day without missing a beat. It must be because his life is far more exciting than mine currently. I mean, let's face it - so far this summer hasn't exactly been filled with thrill upon thrill. I work about one or two days of the week and the rest is spent either watching TV or playing sports. Real exciting life there....I do spend a lot of time at Applebee's, which is weird. I used to work at that place, but its honestly the cheapest casual dining restaurant in the area. No where else can you get a 23 oz beer at any time of the day for under three dollars. Add that to their half-price appetizers and you can have a meal and three or four dreams for under $15. That's spectacular.

But then again when you are THAT guy, you really probably shouldn't be spending $15 every night. Oh well, at least I haven't quite gotten to the point of being THIS guy yet:

So, while at Applebee's with friends last night the discussion of whether or not it is a LAW that you have to card people under a certain age came up and while I did not think it was a law, apparently it Indiana. Because I'm pretty sure in Kentucky it's not. And I will go ahead and say I'm not particularly fond of the state trying to mandate carding if they LOOK under a certain age, particularly because as we know visual age is very arguable. For example: Let's say an older man walks in with a scruffy beard, and its pretty obvious he's hovering around the middle age area. If you don't card him (even if he IS over 40) and someone were to think that he LOOKS under 40 then technically you are breaking the law. Because the law doesn't say you must card everyone that IS under 40, primarily because the only way to know this is to card them anyway. See where this law is flawed?

In Kentucky, the law doesn't care if you card or not...all they care about is that your business takes the necessary precautions to avoid serving someone under 21 alcohol. They leave it to the businesses to determine at what age they want to require carding. At Applebee's, it's usually 30. At Wal-mart, 40. At Centerplate (Venue Concessions company I work for), a wrinkly old man with a cane will get carded - yes, that's a bit overboard.

Another interesting Indiana Law blunder. Apparently, in Indiana you can't text and drive but it is ok to surf the web or check e-mail on your mobile phone. (Story)

(Yay, I found my Kitty WTF picture!)

Indiana - What a screwed up state.

So, once again I posted another status update that stirred another debate. This is what I said:

It really should not have been a debate, but of course there's one in every family so a friend of mine posted saying I was overreacting because it is 'just a flag'. Luckily, the majority of the group disagreed with him and agreed that the American Flag is MUCH more than 'just a flag'. It represents our freedom and liberty, the thousands of men and w
omen dying every year to protect our country, hard-working people doing there best to make sure things run right in this country - yes, its MUCH more than just a flag.

The reason for my rant is because Independence day is coming up and people will be sporting the red white and blue on that day, which is great. But a few months ago, I was wearing a shirt sporting the American Flag and someone asked "Why are you wearing that, are you actually proud to be an American right now?" Why wouldn't I be? Again, our Government will never be perfect and gets it WRONG just as much as they get it right - but is that any reason to disrespect those that sacrificed their lives for my right to live? YES. I'M DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. So why only wear the red white and blue on an American holiday?

You may remember the story that broke out last year when three California high school students chose to wear American flag Shirts on Cinco de Mayo and were sent home for being 'disrespectful' to Mexican heritage. So.....wearing an American flag is disrespectful to other countries heritage? Who knew. Again - I want to post the Kitty WTF picture, but only once per blog is enough....

The moral of the story - be proud of what it means to be an American and in case you forgot what we are fight for, hopefully this will refresh your memory.....

RIP: The Brave Men and Women that were lost on 9/11/01

Well, once again another relatively short blog....but it has lots of pictures, and everyone loves pictures. Thank you all once again for reading!

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  1. KRS 244.080. Retail sales to certain persons prohibited — Affirmative defense in
    prosecution for selling to a
    A retail licensee, or the licensee’s agent, servant, or
    employee, shall not sell, give away, or deliver any
    alcoholic beverages, or procure or permit any alcoholic beverages to be sold, given away, possessed by,
    or delivered to:
    (1) A minor, except that in any prosecution for
    selling alcoholic beverages to a minor it shall
    be an affirmative defense that the sale was
    induced by the use of false, fraudulent, or
    altered identiļ¬cation papers or other documents and that the appearance and character
    of the purchaser were such that his or her age
    could not have been ascertained by any other
    means and that the purchaser’s appearance
    and character indicated strongly that he or she
    was of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages. This evidence may be introduced either
    in mitigation of the charge or as a defense to
    the charge itself.