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Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden's Malarkey and The Trip to Erie

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Now that that is over with, didja catch the vice presidential debates last night?? I watched a little of it, but it was really difficult seeing a man of Joe Biden's age resort to such immaturity and lack of professionalism. I mean, laughing at scoffing at his opponent on serious issues does not reflect who I want to take the oval office if something were to happen to the president. The liberal faithful love it. Which I also don't understand, they heavily criticized Romney for his 'behavior' last week. Sure, he probably could have lightened up on the moderator - but he was DEBATING. That's what you do during a debate! Sheesh. It makes me want to vote for Romney simply to do what I can to keep that joker out of office.

Joe Biden is living proof that God has a sense of humor. 

What a great meme! I'm gonna have to save this one and use it for future arguments.

So I briefly touched up on my grandfather's passing last week, but I didn't really talk much about our trip to Erie. It was a long trip. Two of my brothers, my future sister-in-law, my sister, my girlfriend and myself all piled into the new Chrysler Town and Country, or as Paul called it 'a mini-spaceship that looks like a van', and made the eight hour trip to Erie, PA.

Oh...and yes, the van we took was pretty awesome.

We did pretty good on the way there, only had to make two stops. One for gas and snacks and the other for lunch. But we added a third stop on the way home because Paul and I forgot to use the little musicians room before leaving the lunch stop.

I'd like to take this time to call Whitney, Mario's fiance, out. She posted this picture as we were getting ready to leave for erie.

And then about five hours in, I took this picture.....

Gotta love Karma!

Despite the circumstances, it was great to see all of my family members that I hadn't seen in years. My grandmother seemed to be doing well, considering she had just lost her husband. On the way home, Paul and I were discussing getting all of the grandkids on a telephone rotation to call my grandmother to make sure she is ok. I'm hoping we can do this as it would probably mean a lot to her.

Now here is a rare picture. Minus two great-grandchildren, this is all of the descendants of my grandmother.

We're a crazy bunch!

The funeral was a beautiful ceremony. I got to give a speech about how my grandfather would also start a conversation with me by telling the same joke. Everytime he would see me he would say 'Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete fell of, who was left?' Giggling, I would say 'Repeat' and he would repeat the joke. The most astonishing was when he lost his memory due to dementia and couldn't remember who I was when I went to visit, but when I started the joke myself and said 'Who was left?' without hesitation he responded 'Repeat.' It was a really neat story, and my family seemed to appreciate me sharing it with them.

My brother Matt also gave a speech about Poppa's background and his experienced in the Navy and as a Carpenter. It was also a nicely delivered speech.

Following the church service, we went out to Heaven's Gate Cemetery and my grandfather was laid to rest following a 21 gun salute. I had never seen a military funeral before so that was pretty neat. And my uncle Joe gave us all shells from the salute that we could keep as souvenirs.


After the ceremonies had concluded, we went to my Uncle Joes for a mini-family reunion. During that time, I felt it necessary to show Alison the Erie Bay as she had never seen it before. We took a trip out there and got some good pictures of the bay.

Seeing the way the clouds were formed and the shining sun reflect on the water like that really filled me with hope for my grandfather. It was such a peaceful feeling and I felt happy that he was now walking with God in heaven. He will definitely be missed.

And this concludes todays 'picture blog'. As always thanks for reading!


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