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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Midnight Ramblings

After ten years of establishing myself as a successful composer, I've finally entered my first professional contest. The contest is sponsored by the Humboldt University (Arcata, Ca) and will be announced sometime in May. The winners of the contest will receive a cash award and will have their works performed at the Chamber Ensemble Workshop that is held at the University Annually. I figured this would be a good way to know where I stand on the level of musicianship as a composer as I do not know anyone who will be judging the contest or witnessing the performance (if it were to place). Unfortunately, I can not announce the name of my entry on here because the contest has specifically asked for anonymity of the entries. I would be very exciting to win, or even place - but I don't have high expectations as I rushed the end of the piece to get it entered in time. Of the movements, I like the final movement the LEAST. Fortunately, I'm not one of the judges......I would probably not vote for my own composition.

The Colts are in the Superbowl. I'm really excited about this, and am wishing that they win. Peyton Manning is a LEGENDARY Quarterback. Yes, Paul. I said it. I said LEGENDARY. Take THAT. Anyway, glad that they made it after all the crap their coach received for pulling the starters, despite I myself was irritated by that move. I'm also very happy for the Saints - what an umbelievably amazing story that is for them.

Speaking of things that are amazing, if you haven't seen the beatboxing flute player, you are missing out.

I'm wondering if there is a community-help organization for people that are addicted to facebook. I should probably join, as I spend probably way too much time updating my status and posting obnoxious comments on others. Mostly I pick fights with Kentucky fans, but that's just in my nature to start arguments.

I'm still offering free CDs to anyone who wants one. I'm amazed that no one has e-mailed me requesting one. I mean...its not that expensive. It's only FREE. But I guess in these screwed up economic times, even FREE is too expensive. I really do hope our president knows what he is doing, because I am starting to get impatient. I know change takes time, but surely we should be seeing SOME improvements by now. Oh well....I have nothing but respect for any man who takes on the responsibilities of the entire country, so I'll just keep hoping for the best.

Anyone remember high school marching band? I do! Here's a link to some of the best shows ever, three of which I participated in (1997-1999)

Have a nice week, everyone. :)

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