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Friday, February 12, 2010

Music, Football, and a Move That Even Ticked-Off Hitler

I've hit somewhat of a slow period in composition. I'm caught up on the current projects I had been working on over the Holidays, and now I'm only working on one: A euphonium solo for an old friend who's made it up the ranks as a prestigious virtuoso. The performance opportunities this could create would be astronomical (assuming he was able to find gigs on the moon). I am torn between several ideas, but in time I will hopefully be able to create a masterful work that he will enjoy playing as much as the audience enjoys hearing (which seems to match my particular musical idiom).

The Colts were defeated by the Saints in Superbowl XLIV. I was of course rooting for the Colts, however I can not say that I was terribly disappointed as this made a terrific story for the Saints (at one time referred to as the 'Aints). It was a little alarming to see Peyton Manning end the season on an interception play that was ran in for a touchdown, however I still believe he is one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever and will pass the majority of Brett Favre's records (assuming Favre ever retires)

I've recently become addicted to the NBC-hosted show 'Chuck' I think the concept is really neat, and to date I have seen every episode. The whole idea of a normal guy who works on the Nerd Herd at Buymore (which is obviously supposed to parody the Geek Squad at Best Buy) suddenly being tossed into the secret world of the CIA and going on several dangerous missions to keep his family safe is just SO cool! Yes, we have all felt that our lives arent going anywhere at some point...not sure how I would like the Spy business, though. Yvonne Strahovski is a very attractive woman, btw.

Although, when you think about it - I'm kind of living a double life myself. Aside from my musical career which I work so very hard to keep strong, I am also a Manager at an Indiana Theme park and when I'm not writing music I'm usually at the office. It's an enjoyable job, and keeps food on the table so I can't complain too much.

Six Flags announced its plans to shut down Kentucky Kingdom (the park where I used to work) over the weekend. It's very said that this happened, and many of my friends were told that they wouldn't have a job at that park this summer. I'm really pulling for them all to find places they enjoy working at, but in this economy it looks grim.

This move even pissed off Hitler....see for yourself....

Ted and Jason from Impact Marching are down in Texas currently trying to gain clients for their 2010 line-up of marching band shows. I'm hoping a few of them pick up my two new shows Traffic and Joy Reconstructed, but we'll have just have to see how it goes I guess.

Life is good so far, hopefully it gets even better!

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