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Friday, January 13, 2012

Just How I Like It: Black and Bitter

It's freakin cold outside. I mean - I'm sure it was this cold last year too. But when just a week ago it was in the 60's, anything below 40 will feel miserable. But I think the most annoying this is that the weather people still haven't gotten it right. I will never understand why the actual temperature is listed in big, bold letters but the 'feels like' temperature is in small fine print.

Who the hell really cares how cold it actually is when it feels like its three times colder???

But the most frustrating thing is that my car has a leaky radiator, and I've been told that this can be really really bad in the winter time. So basically, every time I drive my car anywhere I feel like I'm sending a boy with pneumonia on a walk to the grocery store in a rainstorm in December. Fortunately, I have decided to enter the car market again because I feel after eight long years the Saturn is ready to retire.

I call them 'racing stripes.'

Interesting enough, while in Community Advisor training last August, the associates from the Career Development center at IU Southeast gave a presentation on personality vs. career focus. One of the questions asked for each personality type was "what kind of car do they drive". When on the category of 'artist', this question was asked and I joked 'A crappy green saturn'. The lady smiled, then informed me that it was actually pretty accurate because artists typically pick cars that 'run' and don't focus on any other categories.

Although, I plan on putting a lot of hefty thinking into my next car.

SOLD!!! Lord knows my Saturn can't handle the 1.21 gigawatt of electrical power needed to generate a nuclear reaction.

So several months ago, I made commentary on the speculation that there may be a Thundercats live action movie in the near future. Well, in case anyone is now wondering what the might look like, I have found the fan made trailer....

I'm not gonna lie - this looks pretty badass. Too bad its only fan made, and no project has officially been announced yet. Apparently there was a CGI project being worked on, but personally I'd rather see a live action film. Not totally sold on Brad Pitt playing Lion-O, but Vin Diesel as Panthro? EPIC!

Alright, well I've run out of things to talk about today, so I guess this will be it.

Till next time!

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