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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 21st of June

It has been a while since I have updated this blog, but I felt today was an appropriate day to do so. June 21st has quite a lot of significance for me. Other than being the day of the Summer Solstice - and if this day is really longer than the previous ones, I may kill myself - I have had some other unfortunate events occur.

I will start with the most traumatizing event that sticks out in my mind. June 21, 2007. The day Katlyn Lassiter, a 13 year old girl from Tennessee, lost both of her feet in a tragic accident at my former place of business, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Don't recall this event? Click here. Its strange that its been 4 years since that happened, but also crazy to think that back then I was
forbidden to talk about it as part of my job security. Now, considering the CEO of the company is gone and the park that this occurred at is currently collecting dust near downtown Louisville, I don't think it matters much. I spent a lot of time defending our company but now in retrospect - its shameful just to think what that girl had to go through and how the employees of the park were treated following the incident. Being one of the employees on hand to witness the terrified girl and bloody appendages, I tried the counseling. After one day, it didn't help at all so I didn't return. What really helped was talking with family members and others about the incident long after it happened......which we were all told not to do. Just more proof that no matter how much a big corporation tries to brainwashing you into believing they actually care about you and your well-being, they a
Ok, enough about that. Another significant thing that took place. June 21, 1999. The day I met Jennifer Rasdon, now Jennifer Kannappel. This would be the girl that I would be in relationships on and off for around 10 years, with about a six year gap in between. Ultimately, I got the last laugh when I left her with no clue how she was going to pay to keep her house and maintain financial stability. For a while I felt pretty guilty, but I was emotionally abused and manipulated - so I don't feel any remorse. And I'm on the verge of getting a college degree and besting my career while she is still looking out the window wondering what could have been. The only bit of sadness I have is that her kids have to live in that mess of a lifestyle. Anyway, this is the second time I've really talked about her in well over a year - so of course I HAVE let go. And I have more important things to deal with than worry about the past.

The third most significant date, which I'm not 100% sure happened on this date, was when I broke up with my fiance Jennifer Wallace. This one was a little bumpy, but not what I'd call ugly - considering we are still friends and still talk. And she has a great life for herself, which makes me happy because despite the fact things didn't work out the way we planned - she was always a hard worker with a lot of ambition and deserves the goodlife she has.

Relationships are always fun, but every time I go through
a rough one I always tell myself....

"At least I'm not married to HER....."

Eeek...she looks crazy just by smiling. Is it the drugs talking?

Enough about me...the following link will also tell you about exciting events that occurred on this date and who was born and who died.

Just for fun, here's some great headlines that were released duri
ng the whole Anthony Weiner incident....

"Weiner Pulls Out"

"Boehner won't bite on Weiner"

"Weiner Clings to House Seat"

"Disgusted Democrats letting Weiner Shrivel"

Ok...enough of that. I apologize if were reading this during lunch.....or any other extraneous activity that shall go nameless.

I guess at this point I should go ahead and announce that my work for Concert Band, "Fantasy on An American Folk Hymn" is going to be premiered by the IUS Concert Band in the fall, directed by Philip Thomas. Mr. Thomas has been the principal trumpet player in the IUS Orchestra for 11 years and took up the helm as the Associate Director of Bands in the spring of 2011, replacing Male High School Band director Nan Moore. The Concert is set for November 6, 2011 at approximately 3 PM. Everyone that I know that attends this concert will be awarded a free Subway cookie from you better be there! Their cookies are pretty good.

The piece is based on "What Wondrous Love is This" by William Walker. Not familiar with that tune? Well click on the above link or look at the picture below.....

Well, that about does it for today. Thanks for reading, and now that my summer class is over I will probably be updating this blog a lot more frequently!

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  1. You are moving on, and moving up, in your life, Peter. Healing takes lots of time, and you are giving yourself the opportunities to find YOU and be a better YOU! That, my dear, is amazing.

    BTW, it seems that girls named "Jennifer" are not good news for you. Maybe move on to another name :) xox to you!