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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tennis and Accomplishments

So I have found a new love in the athletics world. Tennis. I've been playing that sport at least twice a week for the past month and I still don't feel like I can ever get enough. I played volleyball for a while, and it was ok...but the problem with volleyball is that you need at least four people to play - and that's with sand volleyball. Playing on a hardwood gym floor requires at least eight people, but preferably twelve. It's pretty understandable how difficult it can be to get twelve people together to play volleyball. You pretty much have to start a league that meets the same time every week, which is what I did.

With tennis, you only need two players. You can play four (doubles), and its just as fun. I also feel like I get a much better work out playing tennis. It's just an all around fun sport to play.

Buahahahahahahaha!! I google imaged 'funny tennis' and the above picture came up. I still can't stop laughing.

In other news, my grandfather "Poppa" just celebrated his birthday yesterday. Everyone apparently thinks that he looks like me. Other than the nose, I can't say that I can really see the resemblance. See for yourself, and tell me what you think.

Currently, Poppa is in the hospital under 24 hour care. It's a very trying time for the family, but my Grandmother has been getting a lot of sleep since the weight of taking care of him has been lifted off of her shoulders. I love my grandparents, and of course prayers and thoughts are welcome and much appreciated.

The lovely miss Erin Carlisle has returned from Italy. I'm still jealous that she got to go visit the region of my dominant ancestry, but technically I've been to Italy before anyway. Unfortunately, I was in my mother's womb at the time and did not get to see anything...but I did get a special blessing from Pope John Paul II. If he was alive today, I wonder if he'd try to revoke that blessing since I'm no longer practicing Catholicism. Anyway, we at IUS are all very happy that Erin has returned to us safely.

Congratulations to Taylor U'Sellis on landing her 'Dream Job' with Resident Life and Housing at the University of Louisville. As sad as we all will be to see her leave IUS Resident Life and Housing this is a spectacular step for her, and we all wish her well!

I remember when I first stepped foot in Unitas Tower at a freshman at UofL. That place was nuts. I know the elevators caught fire at one time, we had a rat infestation, plumbing problems galore, a malfunctioning fire alarm system, and several power outages. I think Unitas Tower looked something like this...


Anyway, short blog today but I will probably update again tomorrow morning. I'm actually going to play some more tennis and probably run. It's great that my 'sedentary' Lexingtonian ass is actually getting out there and exercising!

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