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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here's a jeopardy question for you....

More on this later......

Good morning, everyone! Hope you are doing well!! I would like to say that I am but I got told that my career choice is linked to a 'frivolous' agency that the Government is wasting money on so that kind of put me down a bit.

Her name is Sarah Palin. You remember her, don't you? She was the former Governor of Alaska and running mate of former Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain. Tina Fey also does a bang up impression of her. Well anyway, in an interview on a Fox News talk show described the National Endowment for the Arts as a 'frivolous' agency and claimed that it should be one of the first things on the Government chopping block. I guess she's ok that around 5 million jobs will be lost as the agency desperately searches for private contributors with that kind of money.
Recently in a blog I made an argument that the classical side of the the arts is dying and attacked certain successful musicians such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Let me clarify - these are artists as well as they could potentially suffer from this move. THE ARTS AS A WHOLE IS DYING.

This is a hard topic to discuss because I once supported Sarah Palin alongside my mother. But the more and more I learned about it her and her plans for taking the Government completely out of the picture I became very disgusted with her ideals. The Tea Party, to me, seems like a precursor to Anarchy....and that is most certainly what we DON'T want. Don't get me wrong, I don't want the Government to have control of every waking aspect of my life (cough cough Healthcare cough cough), but a lot of things that they do fund do a lot of good in society. NPR, The National Endowment of the Arts, and many other organizations in Arts also generate quite a bit of profit which is taxed so a lot of that money is going back into the Government anyway. The Arts is not the problem.

There is no way in hell I can support anyone that believes that the Arts is 'frivolous'. Anyway, feel free to discuss this below or e-mail/message me privately about it. The full article is available HERE.

Please be sure to check out Paul Felice's World Famous Mokracy Blog! He updates it every day and it usually has a lot of entertaining ideas and picturesMore fun from the Los Angeles times...

The more I watch this video, the more disturbing the idea of it gets.....

So I managed to pull out an A+ in my summer math class. I think it pulled my G.P.A up a hundredth of a point, but more importantly I never have to take another math class during my undergraduate studies! It's a shame that there is a lot of math in just about any science, however and I still have to take three of those. Incidentally, Indiana University Southeast apparently offers a course in Dinosaurs. Yes....JUST DINOSAURS. HOW COOL IS THAT? I have a friend that took it and said its actually a really tough course. My reply to that.....I loved dinosaurs growing up so the only way it would be tough for me is if we actually didn't talk about dinosaurs.

Speaking of, I watched Jurassic Park last night with my roommates. What an awesome movie. For a long time it was my favorite movie, and I would literally watch the VHS copy we had every day. It brought back a lot of memories after watching it last night. It's also important to remember that it was made in 1993 (holy crap, that was 18 years ago!) and the CGI used in the movie was cutting-edge technology. This makes it all the more AWESOME.


Well, I don't have a whole lot to talk about today particularly because of the dead period in sports. Yes.....I'm aware that the Chicago Cubs are currently playing. Well, they are hardly playing - they are talking the field and attempting to make plays. Yeah....the Cubs suck right now. Quade won't be with this program long......maybe they really should have gone with Ryne Sandberg. He would have at least been a better face to have in the dugout.

Anyway.....Go Cubs. Maybe they can win the World Series next year just in time for.......ARMAGEDDON!!!

Have a nice day, everyone....and thanks for reading!

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