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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 'Pride' of the Bluegrass

No...this blog is not about the Lafayette High School Band.....

But after a four day break, I felt it was necessary to update this thing again.

I'm going to start with the biggest news that I've heard all day that is already made it into Paul Felice's World Famous Mokracy Blog. Apparently, our wonderful city of Lexington, Ky has been ranked as the number 1 most sedentary city (Story). Basically its saying that my hometown is full of a bunch of lazy shits who never go out an exercise. It's already being criticized as being a flawed statistic, but when you think about with all the cities there are in the United States, its embarrassing that we'd even be CLOSE to the top in this category.

I guess the folks in Lexington are too busy wearing blue shades to notice that this is a serious concern that should be addressed.

It's certainly good that we haven't yet been ruled as America's Fattest town. We aren't necessarily fat....just lazy.

And Paul was gracious enough to share this little gem on his blog. My heart cries every time I see it (after laughing hysterically for five minutes, of course)....

It is a little ironic that since I've moved to Indiana I've started exercising more and eating healthier. I play a variety of sports every week from Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. And as of late, I've been on a nightly routine of running a couple of miles every night. I'm trying to push myself to three miles by the end of next week. It really feels great that I am doing this because over the past ten years I relied on daily work to keep myself in shape - however, working twice a week and being in school has halted my natural tendencies for physical activity.

Hellz yeah.....

ARGH. I hate how every time I want to go to a new site THIS happens.

It only started happening recently......and I thought my pop-up blocker was on. Not sure how it got turned off...if it even did. But so far I've been offered $500,000, a new ipod, and a credit card with no interest for 6 months till they slam me with 21%.

I must have watched that video at least a thousand times and I STILL laugh.

Here's an interesting stat my brother also came up with in his blog today. Apparently, gas has gone from a low of $1.30 per gallon in 2001 to a high of $4.40 which is a 238% change. Where is my "WTF" Kitty Picture? Oh well. Needless to say...that is ridiculous. I mean, right now it has fallen from the 4 dollar mark is was at in May to about $3.48. I hear its even lower than that now, but have been to 'sedentary' to get up and see. I guess its my Lexington heritage shining through. Still, I can't believe people are actually jumping for joy. The only reason its going down is because we tapped into the oil reserve. I'm ok with that, but people need to realize this is a temporary solution.....and some people believe it could backfire and cause oil prices to skyrocket in coming months.

Canadians like to whine and say their prices are worse...but don't they realize that the value of currency is lower in Canada? That's why all their prices are higher, and their minimum wage is somewhere around $9/hr I believe. So that's kind of a stupid argument to make. Us damn whiny Americans. thoughts exactly. Anyway, that about does it for today. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day and reading this blog.



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  1. Nice blog today. Keep in mind that the prices started their plunge BEFORE Obama (finally) announced tapping into the Strategic Oil Reserve. Make no mistake; these aren't mere economic variances in play. This is a conscienscious decision by OPEC and oil conglomerates to test how much direct impact they have on American economic activity and even our very GDP. They know we are slaves to oil's impact on our productivity, and like a maturing dog that wasn't trained right as a puppy, they are testing their limits and seeing how much we'll tolerate. And we're tolerating TOO DAMNED MUCH.