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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Capitalism vs. Socialism, Religious vs. Atheist, and Fiasco vs. O'Reilly.

Hey look, I'm updating a blog consecutively with a blog update yesterday!!! I may try to do this every day so I'd appreciate if you'd follow me and add to the discussions!

Before I begin today's rant, which is quite political, I'd like to first say that I respect people who disagree with me and love when they discuss their opinions in a civilized manner. I welcome differing opinions but will repel anything I take to be a personal attack. Politics, like religion (and the Great Pumpkin if your name is Charles Schultz) is a sensitive topic but particularly because people don't know how to discuss them without getting angered when someone disagrees with them. I've been bashed for my beliefs on numerous occasions, but rarely does it get to me in the manner that I throw out nasty name-calling or the severing of ones friendship.

Now on to the real concern. This all began yesterday when I posted a humorous, but in some ways sad, story about a man who robbed the bank for $1 so he could go to prison and live off of the free medical care he would receive ( In the status comment that went along with the article, I posted the following "Keep in mind that our taxes will be paying to keep this nutjob in jail, for his medical care, and for the psychiatrist they will hire to find out what the hell is wrong with him." Following this, I was of course attacked by supporters of Obama care who said it was a genius idea.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but since when would anyone consider forcefully putting yourself in jail to be a genius idea? I also got attacked for making a judgement about someone I didn't even know. Actually, I did quite the opposite. The ones that believe that maybe he had a good reason are the ones who are making judgement. I'm simply generalizing that breaking the law to better your situation is a selfish and pathetic way to get what you 'need'. I don't understand how anyone could support that lifestyle.
I was also raised to believe that stealing in any form was wrong. In some countries, you aren't locked up for stealing. Your hand is cut off. But big bad capitalist America - we are TERRIBLE.

Getting onto the subject of Capitalism vs. Socialism because that was a hot topic in this particular post, I need to be very clear about some things. I will not join the likes of Travis Taylor and suddenly believe that Socialism is the ONLY way to go and Capitalism is the problem because as far as business is concerned, Capitalism - the SYSTEM is not the problem, and Socialism would only make things worse before they became better (if they even did). Yes, Socialist ideas work in some form - necessary services such as the Police force and Firefighters in which a percentage of our tax money goes to keep in business. I'm ok with that. I can live with that, even if I never physically USE these services. What I CAN'T live with is having a large percentage of a 'rich person's money' stripped from them and given to me. I'm sorry....I don't have it in my heart to do so that. Maybe in a 'Robin Hood' fairytale where the government is horribly corrupt and only spends the money on self-worth, and strips money from those they feel are fine without it - that would be fine. But guess what....a lot of Rich people actually do a lot of good in this world. Several of them have started research foundations designs for finding cures for such terminal diseases like cancer. Rich People create jobs to try and keep unemployment down. The problem I have is when people LABEL the Rich as being evil greedy people when in fact they probably worked their ass off growing up to become the rich person they are. And people want to strip them of their money because they make more than someone else???? Cry me a fawking river.....

As someone who has bashed large corporations on numerous occasions, this may sound a bit hypocritical. But I'm not blaming the system, or these people for being Rich when I spew my venom on them. I am blaming what I believe to be the ultimate source of our economic downfall: GREED. And not just corporations.....or rich people. Greed is taking control of this world. You can deny this all you want, but until I stop seeing people throw temper tantrums because their cashier didn't fill up their LARGE FRY at McDonald's all the way to the top I will always believe this to be the problem in America. Settle down, Fatty....there are more important things to worry about in life then the fact that you got 'cheated' at McDonald's.

The problem is that Greed is not really measurable. When I say a certain rich person isn't greedy, someone who sees that he owns a Lexus may consider that to be a sign of greed. Maybe the truth is that since people know in their hearts that greed is the problem but isn't measurable, they attack something they know also exists and IS measurable: "CAPITALISM" To me, it just makes no sense that anyone would be ok with someone who works 10 times as hard as someone else getting the same paycheck as a lazy person.

Someone else made the comment that if I'm so against Socialism that I must hate Social Security because that's a Socialist idea. I don't hate Social Security and I love what it was designed for. But I hate the fact that when I'm 65 there will no longer be social security. It kinda makes you wonder if socialism is really working when certain socialist ideas are FAILING.

I don't think Socialist is a route to the devil by any means, and honestly I commend people who wished that everyone could live peacefully in harmony, have everything they need, and not have to worry about how many figures they were making on their salary. HELLO??? WAKE THE F UP! While that can be commended, its also extremely naive. That is NOT the world we live in. If that's the world you want, then start reading the Bible and go to church because if you believe what Christians believe you will go to a place like that when you die if you've hived a virtuous life.

Here's another interesting story. Don't get pissy because its Fox News - the top article is from MSNBC.

Moving from a question of politics to religion I think this is way overblown and that we have plenty of other things to be worrying about than how offended people that DON'T BELIEVE get when religious beliefs are made public. Religious beliefs are made public on a daily basis, and yes sometimes paid for by the government and generally people leave it alone. This is nothing more than a pathetic publicity stunt for these New York atheists.

I'm just waiting for the day when they push to have all current currency banned and reprint without the statement "In God We Trust". THAT will be great for the economy.

Now for something a little more lighthearted and fun, but still Political. Apparently Bill O'Reilly invited a rapper, Lupe Fiasco, only to tear him to shreds on his statement that Obama and The US Government are terrorists. This is why I really like Bill O'Reilly. Left-wing people that don't like him have probably never actually watched him very often and only dislike him for his association with Fox News. But of all the idiots at Fox News, he's actually closer to the middle and his opinions are based on facts. I mean....he's defending a Liberal President!!! Anyway....feel free to enjoy, and comment on what you think!

Well, that about does it for today folks. Thanks for reading, and I'm ok if you disagree and express your disagreement! That's what makes these so fun.....just keep the personal attacks to yourself!

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