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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bringing the Sports Rants Back!

Good morning, ladies and gents! It's a beautiful day out and one day until the 235th anniversary of our Nation's independence, and already people are out celebrating like we just won the war. If you can get past the loud pops and redneck cheers in the streets, this is a GOOD thing. In a previous blog, I mentioned the need for some good ol' fashioned patriotism and what better way to celebrate our freedom by replicating the 'bombs bursting in air' part of our National Anthem?

Unfortunately, the 4th of July weekend didn't go quite so perfectly for many people in Louisville. Taylor Swift, country pop singer sensation, had to cancel her show in Louisville due to an illness that was affecting her singing. (Story).

Taylor sincerely apologized for cancelling the show on her Twitter page, and it seems that most fans have been supporting her rather than being angered by this. It makes sense, as a singer catching the bug is one of the worst things to happen to you and this is the first show Taylor has had to cancel. She will be making the concert up on October 11, and all tickets will be honored - but bless her heart because she will have been in Austin three days prior to this concert. Although I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift's songwriting, I have to respect the girl because she really does have a strong passion for song and is a good role models for kids. I'd rather my kids be fans of Taylor Swift than Miley Cyrus.

See you in October, Taylor.

Apparently Officials in Louisville are still having problems keeping parents from leaving their children alone in hot cars for extended periods of time (Story)

Wait for it......wait for it......


But seriously. How stupid can you be? And the most disturbing case is the ONE YEAR OLD found in a car in the parking lot of a STRIP CLUB. Are you SERIOUS???? Mark one for CPS, cause I hope they were all over this one. It really bugs me that this keeps happening, and I wonder if it would be feasible to require 'parenting' permits. Lord knows a lot of people need them. I think when a parent leaves a child in a hot car the punishment should be to lock them in a location significantly hotter to let them know how it feels.

So let me be clear on one thing. With the tragic story of the Costellos featured in the video, that can be penciled in as a foolish but honest mistake. When you work a stressful job, and your routine changes in that fashion it can be easy to forget something like this and unfortunately this time it ended up in tragedy. I don't consider this to be child negligence per say as much as leaving your 1 year old in a hot car while you go into a freakin STRIP CLUB.

When I worked at Six Flags, it was very common for children to be left unattended while their parents go ride rides. And the most common defense was when the parents would say "It's ok, I told them to stay there till we got back." Really? You told your five year old to stay there in a crowded, loud place with crazy characters walking all over the place? Great thinking mom and dad.

In other news, Elizabeth Kramer, a journalist for the Courier-Journal, has written a very nice article about majoring in the arts. It is definitely worth a read (Story).

I wish there was more of a verbal push that included music as the 'Arts', but I'm happy that there are people defending passion over financial security. Don't get me wrong, its great to ensure that you can put food on the table but the argument "I'm not continuing with the arts because there's NO money in it" is ridiculous because there are plenty of ways to make money if you are talented in the arts. Props to Mrs. Kramer on posting this gem!

WARNING: The following pictures contains offensive language.

"Do you hate all Jews or just Fox Jews?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I really love that site. Thanks to my brother Paul for first introducing it to me. He posts one every day on his daily blog.

In the sports world, apparent Kentucky's football program is switching back to the white helmets in attempt to catch the eyes of recruits.

Seriously? Aside from Kentucky taking a back seat from the other SEC programs, it seems like money would be better spent on updating the seriously dilapidated athletics facilities that school has. The nickle and dime method rarely works, and sooner or later the Kentucky Athletics board will need to realize that they should cut back just slightly on their basketball scholarship and recruiting money and try and fix problems within the entire program. Kentucky would do just fine with a top 10 recruiting class, but for some strange reason they feel like they always have to have the top. Still waiting for that top recruiting class to bring home a national championship......

This is not simple cardinal bitterness, because first of all - Louisville's athletics facilities are FAR superior to Kentucky's. Our football stadium and basketball arena's are both newer, and the Louisville athletic board had to fight to state on numerous occasions in order allow for the football expansion and building of the KFC Yum! Center.

Flashy uniforms don't help with recruiting as much as nice facilities do. Well established programs help, and lets' face it.....whereas Kentucky may have won the last four meetings against the Cardinals, since the 1970's the Cards have been the superior football program, with many more bowl seasons and Fiesta and Orange Bowl wins. Even after the current losing streak, the cards are still 9-8 over the cats since the 1970's.

Cats fans can have basketball. Regardless of what I think of Calipari's ethics of basketball, the Cats have five more national championships than the cards and are the more stories program. That has to be respected. But football? Seriously? Get real, Kentucky. Being in the SEC doesn't make your program great when you land near the bottom every year. The cards are in a tough basketball conference with a lot of teams, but they still manage to make it the top 5 consistently.

Well, that's my sports rant for the day. I know you all have MISSED that, but football season is quickly approaching! And when it does, this blog will heavily weighted on sports discussions!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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