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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Master of the Custodial Arts

I had an interview today for a custodian at IUS. It would be interesting for me to take the job if it is offered to me because it would say a lot about my pride (or lack thereof). Not that there is anything wrong with being a custodian - its an honest job and someone has to do it -but more for the fact that I have all of this management experience that it would be crazy for me to take a bottom of the barrel $8.50/hr job right? But I guess....when you are desperate for funds, you have to let go of your pride and take a few steps back.Maybe I can just tell people I'm a 'Master of the Custodial Arts'. Movie reference....anyone? Anyone?

I feel a discussion is potentially brewing on someone's status about Transformers 3. So this brings up a good question......particularly for people that were actually alive and able to watch the 80's Transformers Animated series.

Which one do you prefer? YOU know what I'm talking about....


I guess presented THAT way it's kind of a no brainer. I mean, one looks like one badass car that anyone with the right mind would want to own and the other looks like Herbie's Grandmother. Oh well.....I guess times are changing so I'll have to let go of that little piece of nostalgia.

So wrong....and yet, so funny.

So something just occurred to me last night, and I was frightfully disappointed. I have spend so much time defending the mainstream employment when I realized that a lot of them really are the garbage that corporate treats them like. I guess its safe to say that all of the good hard-working employees are managers by now and there aren't a whole lot left. It's sickening to think how horrible employees are these days.

Last night (and I'm not so sure I should be blogging abou
t a work incident, but half those people don't even have facebooks so who cares!), I saw two employees standing in their stand (ha, thats kinda funny) not doing a damn thing. Given the task at arranging a team that would assist the kitchen, I said to one of my co-Supervisors 'how bout them, they aren't doing anything.' Instantly, one of them flips out and starts complaining to me "I've been workin all week and I'm tired and my works done - blah blah blah" I said to him, " get a paycheck right? You get paid to work..correct?" And he looks at me and says "Yeah, you do too right? I don't see you working!"

In my REAL world, that employee wouldn't have set foot in that place again for talking to a Supervisor like that. And ten years ago, his ass would have been gone in a heartbeat. But sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened and wouldn't have been the first time I attempted to terminate an employee and got overturned because of some 'legal bullshit' And we wonder where customer service is going?

With as many good people out there looking for jobs and as many shitty employees there are behind the counters its confusing to think that companies are so afraid to take care of business. They'd rather get rid of the higher paid full-time staff that actually do a lot of hard-work for the company than people that are a danger to themselves and everyone they work around. I don't think I'll ever understand it, but the truth be told that is the main reason I'm burnt out on Management jobs and trying to get a degree in something I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day.

And just because I love stealing Paul's ideas......

I wonder how many people have had that conversation where that WASN'T an autocorrect snafu....

Well, that's it for today. Short blog....I know. I really have no excuse. Oh well.

Till next time.....

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