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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

So another Independence Day has come and gone, and yet again the Aliens missed the key date for an attack on the planet earth. It's fine though.....the prophecy of Roland Emmerich says we would have kicked their asses anyway. I managed to watch that movie last night, and interestingly enough I had a dream following the movie that I was living the movie and discovered that the Aliens were actually evolved versions of humans that had once destroyed their home planet 'earth' but then traveled through time using black holes and were attempting to reclaim their planet and start up their own civilization on the new planet earth again. Weird, huh? Especially because the Aliens in Independence Day look absolutely NOTHING like humans. Still, it might make a good book some day.

Independence Day, while it may have some writing flaws, is a really good flick and a feel-good movie. I mean, when Bill Pullman get's up there and gives his "Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!" speech, you can't help but stand up and cheer. I really love the musical score, as well. Not a lot of people know who David Arnold is when he's surrounded by greats such as Hans Zimmer and John Williams, but he really completed an awesome masterpiece.

Here is a piece of his music from the movie, the end battle scene to be specific......

And just because its so awesome, Bill Pullman's speech....

Well,'s a great movie and if you haven't checked it out, take the time and watch it.

In other news, Charles L. Baker of Louisville sent in a letter to the Courier-Journal having to do with the current struggles of the Louisville. As little of an effect this may actually have, it is still a good read and nice to know that people are still fighting to keep the arts alive in America.

Let the arts grow

I find myself asking the question, “What is the role of arts and human service organizations in today's perilous economic times?” The Louisville Orchestra is one example. There is certainly a case to be made for cutting budgets and trimming the number of players. Private business and government have chosen this “fiscally prudent” route.

However, I find myself thinking about another option. The Louisville Orchestra has the potential to be part of a new, vibrant Louisville. We must believe in the power of music to raise the spirits of the city. This “lock out” of the musicians only adds to the negativity that's already all around us.

The board of the orchestra has a higher calling than the “bottom line.” A commitment to the “top line” is part of what we all need to begin to climb out of this despondent mood brought on by the current recession. By choosing a path of growth — rather than reduction — the Louisville Orchestra could set an example to inspire the business community and government to invest in every sector of this great city.

The Louisville Orchestra has a great history, and what we need now is a vision of a great future. A belief in that vision can generate the gift support to make that dream a reality. I've had the opportunity to work closely with some great board members. Once at the Children's Center, when faced with a dire economic situation, we were choosing between cutting services or dipping into the principle of our modest endowment. One courageous board member rose to his feet with a challenge. He said, “I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd rather spend every penny of our endowment and then close our doors, than not have the kind of quality I can be proud of.” He turned around the organization that day. With his vision, we were transformed from followers into leaders.


Louisville 40208

Unfortunately, people that are not involved in the arts in the ways that we are will never understand the need for it and it will continue to take a back seat to things such as athletics programs and corporate businesses. It makes sense, because this world has such a high dependency for currency that its the dollar amounts that dictate society. Oh well.....

It is possible that the search for Indiana University student Lauren Spierer that has been going on for over a month now may come to a tragic end if it is revealed that the body recovered just outside of Indianapolis is that of Miss Spierer's. (Story) I can't even begin to imagine what her parents must be going through right now, and one can't help but wonder if this could have been avoided. The parents and police force have received very few tips on her disappearance, which seems odd because you'd think that someone would know at least something that may be helpful. But who knows what happened.....our only hope at this point is that justice for Lauren and her family is served.

I heard on the news that Obama's national debt increase since he took office is at 54%. This made little sense to me, so I decided to do some investigation on my own when I stumbled across the fact that Obama had increased the national debt by 3 trillion dollars in just his first two years as our president. Increase our national debt at ALL is rarely a good thing, but according to CBS (ha...its not Fox news this time!) Bush increased the national debt by 4.9 trillion dollars in his entire two year term, and none of us were thrilled with that. Hmmmm Mr. O, I'm not sure that was the kind of 'change' people were looking for when they voted you in office.

Lucky for him, being a Chicago boy Obama knows how to pull strings and manipulate votes legally to ensure he will be re-elected in the fall so it would be no surprise if we got him as our president for four more years (if the Mayans happen to be wrong that is).

But I am not as versed in politics as my brother Matt is, so you should definitely check out his blog written straight out of Miami Florida: The Miami Political Philosophy.

Speaking of politics, I didn't feel nearly as overwhelmed with political floats watching Lexington's Independence Day parade yesterday. But one of the things that I did notice was that they had an outstanding Gay and Lesbian Rainbow colored float. I of course had mixed feelings about this. I admire that they accept that they are humans and should be treated like humans but I disagreed with their use of the word 'fairness' because when talking about fairness I think they aren't using the word correctly and that it isn't pertaining to equal rights. Perhaps acceptance is a better term to use. I'm just not so sure the need to get out there and flaunt the fact that you are gay - it's almost as if you are suggesting that people SHOULD be gay, and that I can NOT agree with because its a contradiction to the idea that people should be allowed to live their lifestyle how they want (within the framework of the law, of course). If anything, all that parading your sexual lifestyle does is add fuel to the fire.

I used to get heckled and treated poorly for being significantly shorter than others, and guess what - that WASN'T a personal choice. And I'm not talking about a little name-calling, I'm talking about being threatened at knife point and punched and bruised. But I don't go out there parading the fact that I'm short.

I'm sure I will get attacked for this and called a homophobe....and if anyone does call me that clearly they aren't getting my point. My point being equal rights should be EQUAL rights, not shifted the other way to make the 'majority' start to feel uncomfortable, and I feel like that's the direction we are headed.

That being said, I do firmly believe that PEOPLE should not be judged negatively for being a homosexual.

But anyway, it's whatever......More from the parade.

Dad, Mario, and I drinkin some beers before the parade. Not a huge fan of budlight but at least they were serving it cold for a change. Besides, my old man and I went and had some Kentucky Ale a little bit later - and that's a good beer!

Good to know that Lexington actually prides itself in being the nations most "Sedentary City". I had to laugh at this.....

I'm going to end the blog here before I piss off any more people that disagree with me, but hey.....if you judge me for my beliefs then you are no better than people that judge people for their race, sexual preference, or gender. And I did warn people that my blogs got somewhat political at times!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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