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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Heat

It's flipping freezing in my room. I know what you are thinking. "Well its a zillion degrees outside so you should be happy you have A/C!" But really - I feel like they keep the A/C really freakin low to balance out the heat outside. It's so bad that every time I step outside my glasses fog up. I'm honestly not really pissed off enough for anyone to consider this 'bitching', but I just find it funny. It's almost an "I can't win!" moment.

Because for some reason I don't get my Horoscopes till late afternoon, I had to steal this from my brother's facebook page. Luckily he happens to be a Leo as well.

And to think....I thought using the cell and the computer WAS playing.

Rarely do I get a good laugh out of a facebook status, but this one made me chuckle. Particularly because I was saying the same thing back in December.

Let's face is pretty hot outside, but I don't think we've hit record temperatures yet and its pretty much like this every year. It gets really hot and people bitch. Tell you to Death Valley, CA for a day and then drive back here.

Yeah, no thanks.

They say in Death Valley if your car breaks down you have a better chance of surviving if you stay by your car and hope someone picks you up then trying to walk and find a civilization. Personally, I'd rather not have my car break down in Death Valley at all. In fact, I don't ever intend to drive through there....especially in the Summer time.

So anyway, if you think its hot here its always hot somewhere else. Only place that's been hotter than Death Valley is Al'aziziyah, Libya where it was once 136 degrees Fahrenheit . Ouch.

It actually wouldn't be that bad in Libya. Keep in mind, this was reported at 10:50 AM in LIBYA. Not sure how hot it would be right now because apparently the weather channel doesn't have a current temperature for Al 'Aziziyah.

Libya isn't even the hottest place in Africa. I wouldn't want to live in Algeria. Yikes!

All this Africa talk makes me want to share this video with you. It's pretty nifty....

I think this would be a pretty fun group to see live. They have a FACEBOOK PAGE too. Check em out.

Another cool video is the one of Eric Whitacre's virtual choir in which he took 185 people from across the world and hooked them all up to live stream and conducted them in his composition Lux Arumque. The traditional composers (or old farts) criticize this and consider it to be overrated. I disagree.....I think it's a pretty incredible idea and must have been very challenging to pull off especially with people having different delay times.

Eric Whitacre looks more like the poster boy for Supercuts then he does a composer.

If you are doubting the legitimacy of this video, do some research. You can start by going to Eric Whitacre's Wikipedia page. My only drawback with this project is that the obsession over virtual music overlaps his wondrous and unique use of dissonance which has become his signature in composition. We played the Concert Band version in the IUS Band - all I can say is it doesn't come close to comparing to the original vocals.

Now THAT's just badass. No other way to describe it.

Well, that does it for today. Thanks for reading. :)


  1. I am presuming that video is far more entertaining with sound. Due to my shit computer, all I saw was a little ball rolling down some stairs in the forest. Nothing even remotely badass about that.

    Also, it appears to be a CGI creation, yes?

  2. Unless this video is fake too, then I'd so its the real deal.