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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pyschology, Facebook Fails, and Whitney Houston (RIP)

Funny Soup Sign

Sounds delicious.

I am happy to say that I have begun another psychological assessment. Does that sound like I'm trying to find out if I'm crazy? No. I know I'm not crazy. I'm just doing it to get a re diagnosis on my ADHD. Or to find out how much has changed since the last time I had one at UofL in 2003. As it turns out, they destroyed any records from that assessment. That was nice of them. So instead, I now need to go through the pain and agony of a million brain tests and stacks of annoying paperwork once again. Oh well....if its anything like the last time I had this test, it will be worth it.

So in case you live under a rock, a video went viral a couple of days ago of a man, named Tommy Jordan, publicly embarrassed his daughter just before shooting her laptop with his 45. These actions were a backlash to her ungrateful post on facebook to all her friends about how her parents were bad parents. Before I discuss this, please take a look at the video if you haven't already.

I thought this video was pretty funny. But what's amazing to me is the amount of response that has come out of this video. There is still a lot of question on the legitimacy of the video, but even if it isn't real the idea is brilliant. Unfortunately, we live in a sensitive bleeding-heart world - which the lack of human decency THRIVES on. When I was a child, we sometimes did typical bad things that kids do and my mother refused to tolerate it. She would hit us on the butts with a ping pong paddle, which stung like hell. But today, not that you'd ever be interested in seeing my ass - I can assure you there was no permanent damage done from that. But in Indiana, they actually have a law against spanking children. Really?

The fact of the matter is that rebellion against authority is WINNING and its because we are too afraid of what people will think of the way we raise our children. Seriously? They are YOUR FUCKING KIDS (I apologize for the vulgarity). The only thing you should be concerned about in regards to making sure people aren't judging you is to make sure they get an education, have food, have a roof over their head, and are taught the law of the land. The rest - how you discipline them - is up to you. But my recommendation is a good firm discipline.

Check out Mr. Jordan's facebook here.

Now here's the thing about this. At first, his statement about the media leaving him alone I thought was pretty noble. And it sent a message that he never intended to gain from this experience, but was trying to teach his daughter a valuable lesson about appreciation for what she has. However, Mr. Jordan is continuing to publicize himself on his facebook page - which has raised a lot of question on his true integrity of the situation. I would hate to be in the spotlight over something so controversial, and would probably put myself into hiding if this ever happened to me.

But it could be that his family isn't use to the attention, and he's kind of enjoying it. I just really hope that he did manage to work things out with his daughter, like he has claimed on facebook. Regardless, I still find the video very funny.

And now for a few facebook FAILS.

I'm not sure weather to laugh or cry at that. But interestingly enough, in my college Geography Class there was quite a bit of frantic pencil scribbling when our professor reminded everyone that there are 360 degrees in a circle.

I'm not sure he'd be able to get accepted into Northern Kentucky University, but he's applying to Princeton?

The salads can be as deadly as the ancient roman tyrants.


But now for some sad news. Whitney Houston, famed pop sensation, passed away yesterday at age 48. I've always loved Whitney - she had a tremendous voice. Unfortunately, even after checking into rehab for a third time, the addiction won. But her problems with drugs do not take away from the fact that she was an amazing singer, and I still believe her performance of the national anthem is the best I've ever heard.

WOW. I get chills every time she sings it. Whitney will be missed.

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