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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fantabuliffiper Blog

Alright, so after the week from hell I feel like I should update this thing. It really has been a week from hell. I had a history quiz, music history exam, french assignments out the ass, a music composition, a theory assignment worth 10% of our grade, and an electronics studio project...all which were due last week. If I was taking 12 credit hours and doing absolutely nothing else, I would have felt like I had enough time....but after aligning all of these out, which were of equal priority, I realized I probably needed to have about eight more hours added on to my week to get it all done. So unfortunately, some of them got done late but thankfully my professors accepted them without penalty.

Because I promised him and I'm sure he's currently waiting so anxiously...... Good way to start the morning, I suppose.

So let's talk about sports for a minute.

The Colts.....

Last night they were MURDERED by the New Orleans saints. Didn't even bother checking the final score, but I believe it was 62-7. Most unfortunate was that even though I feel like Sean Payton could have pulled his starters two touchdowns sooner, their backups were even able to make noise against the boys in blue. Ugly ugly game....hopefully never witnessed again. I don't think the Colts had ever been beaten that bad during the Manning ERA, but they aren't technically in that ERA right now I suppose.

Hopefully when he does finally retire, Manning will be replaced with....

Seems to be the trendy pick, and right now I'd imagine the Colts are dead last in just about every category except field goal percentage. Thank God for Adam Vinateri.

On a more positive side, the Cardinals of Louisville (Not to be confused with that filfthy barrage of stick-swingers from the dirty city of the arch) ended up winning against a top ten defense (Rutgers) in probably the oddest game of the season. It started with two early picks from the Rutgers QB, along with two missed field goals from one of the best field goal kickers in the league. And of course, through in a few Philpott blunders....yeah, very odd

The worst thing was when Anthony Conner went down. It was also announced by Strong that he had broken his neck, and even though he is lucky to have not been paralyzed he probably has a pretty lengthy road to recovery and will never expect to play football as a career again. Very sad for him. In case you missed it, here is the video from the accident.....

Ouch. Props to Rutgers for being so classy, but they also had the same thing happen to one of their players last year....only he wasn't able to walk again. You never want to see this happen.

Thanks for giving us four solid years, Anthony.

The world series is now tied 2-2 after the Rangers took down the Cardinals in Houston last night. I'm really pulling for the rangers to win this year....but of course that comes from being a big Cubs fan and not wanting to hear from every single St. Louis fan on the planet talking about how great the Cardinals are. Just once, I'd love for us to OWN them so we can feel the bragging rights. It may happen soon enough....but probably not with Quade at the helm.

Can't say I can argue with that.

Halloween is coming up and I've been furiously trying to find jean overalls that wouldn't cost me a fortunate, but it seems they are all out. I'm trying to go as Super Mario, and my friend is gonna go as Luigi. I think we're just gonna do a jeans and suspenders getup, which is a bit odd if you ask me, but it will work.

Speaking of Halloween, Erin kept asking everyone if they knew what a yip-yip alien was...from sesame street. She wants to be one of these for halloween. Not knowing what it was, I decided to research...and this is what I found.

I'm curious to see how that's gonna work, exactly. More power to her if she pulls that off.

In the world of music, I'd like to give special shout outs to Daniel Weeks (Tenor, University of Louisville) and Carrie Ravenscraft (Clarinet, Indiana University Southeast) for giving two absolutely amazing recitals and for giving me the opportunity at two concert credits in one weekend. :) Three down, two to go.....

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

Out of the current context, the picture of that kitten is adorable.

So as of yesterday, there are only two more weeks left before the big premiere of 'Fantasy on an American Folk Hymn' I've been getting quite a lot of attention over it lately, but its not like some of that I didn't push for. But as an artist, you learn very quickly that you have to be good at self-promoting if you want to survive in the industry. So the e-mails, facebook page, posters, etc that I've been aggressively putting out there will hopefully pay off because it sounds like we'll have quite a lot of people there!

I am still pretty nervous about how the audience will receive the music. Only now am I starting to wish there were certain things in the music I had changed. Must be the composer in me to always want it to be perfect.

Well, anyway...that about does it for today. Don't forget to check out "The World Famous Mokracy Blog" for more laughs and interesting discussions.

Peace out.

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