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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things You Should Never Discuss With People: Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin

I rarely start these things off politically, but I want to start off with my irritation over the use of the word "unconstitutional" I believe that word has lost all value and is now used as nothing more than a political war tactic to play on the fragile and cowardly minds of the American public. In layman's terms, it makes people think "oh crap! We can't go against the constitution!" In reality, how many people actually know what is written in the constitution verbatim?

This debate started when someone accused the fact that we are now requiring drug tests for welfare applicants as being unconstitutional because it violates the 4th amendment. I guess I don't know enough about political science to understand the details, but doesn't the 4th amendment state that you can't perform search and seizure without reasonable cause? HELLO. The government is giving out free money!!! Isn't it reasonable cause to ensure that the money is actually going to the right place? You have to get a drug test when you apply for most jobs. I don't see how this is any different.

The worst part about this debate was that the guy chose to use the American Civil Liberties Union as a legitimate source. You remember them? The ones that defended Westboro church for protesting the funerals. Trying to stop them is 'unconstitutional'.

I found the above cartoon especially interesting because we just talked about this in my history class. It's 'unconstitutional' to force someone to stand for the pledge. Then I guess I have the right to say 'If you aren't going to stand for the pledge, GET THE HELL OUTTA THIS COUNTRY!'

Anyway, that's my political rant for the day. Just for fun, here's a clip of Michele Bachmann attacking Hermain Cain for his 9-9-9 plan.

President Michele Bachmann. Now THAT's something we can all laugh about.

I got my history test back yesterday. You remember? The one I studied EIGHT HOURS for? And to my surprise, I got an 81%. I was pretty disappointed with that because I could have sworn I did a whole lot better. The worst part was that it was the multiple choice that killed me. I actually did pretty good on the essay question....25/30. And her essay questions are RIDICULOUS. I wouldn't be so upset about a B- if I hadn't studied so much. I mean, I didn't think the test was any harder than I expected it to be...and I don't think the knowledge of what her tests are like will help me on the 2nd I'm not even sure if its POSSIBLE for me to get an A on her test. Such a frustrating place to be.

I don't particularly agree with that, but it was a neat mug so I bought it anyway.

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

A colleague of mine got particularly disturbed by the rude lack of respect shown by some musicians during a rehearsal the other day. I was very glad someone actually did say something, because this has been something that has irritated me for years. Sometimes, it seems that when these musicians lose their focus they lose their right to be called an artist. Our rehearsals could be going a lot better but some people seem to lack the ability to understand the importance of playing with an ensemble, and it becomes more of a hobby for them.

I had a talk with Dr. Goldstein, the IU Southeast Orchestra director, last semester about the lack of commitment some of our orchestra or band members show to the group. When I was at UofL, we were trained to believe that missing a rehearsal was unheard of. You just DIDN'T DO IT. If you are going to commit to an ensemble, COMMIT to it and be there every rehearsal. Since college, I can honest to God say I've only missed two rehearsals, and both of them were previously arranged. It boggles my mind to think that people who chose music as a profession do not respect their directors enough to show up to rehearsal every week. That I will never understand.

I saw this statement on someone's facebook and I had to share it. It's beautifully written and exactly how I feel about forgiveness, with the except that if I forgive someone they are already back in my life - only perhaps from a different perspective. This is of course relevant to a recent event that's happened to me.

And simply because I relate to it so well......

Well that about does it for todays blog. Thanks for reading, and as always be sure to check out the "World Famous Mokracy Blog" for more entertainment!

Au revoir!

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