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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flash Blog #1

OK, so in order to keep this blog updated daily on days that I have less than an hour to create a new post I'm going to start doing something called a 'Flash Blog'. This means that there most likely won't be any pictures, rather there will be a stream of random thoughts in two or three sentences max that I will write - today in the course of 20 minutes. This will keep my blog updated, but also allow for me to make deadlines and appointments on schedule without working about a lengthy and entertaining blog entry. And who knows - a bunch of random thoughts has potential to be pretty entertaining as well.

So here goes!


1. Rumors are that Indiana has recently pledged to join the line of states who want to require drug tests for applicants of Welfare. Hmmmm, the government is handing out their money but wants to make sure people aren't blowing it on the wrong things. WHY ARE PEOPLE PROTESTING THIS??

2. The republican primaries were last night and supposedly Herman Cain took several political blows from his opponents. Clearly, they must be racists because they disagreed with him. In hindsight, I'm not quite sure why its necessary to attack members of the same team so viciously - but the republican party has been known to split on issues before.

3. I have begun the 3rd movement of my clarinet piece. It is expected to be finished by next week, however the performer, Carrie Ravenscraft, will not be able to look at it till after October 23rd as that is when her recital is.

4. I watched someone almost have a Michael Douglas 'Falling Down' moment at McDonald's the other day. They ranted and raved because their large fry wasn't filled to the top. Given the circumstances, I'm kind of surprised all that blood boiling didn't cause them to have a heart attack. Imagine what the headline would have read for THAT one.

5. Speaking of headlines.....

6. Yes....I lied about no pictures. Are you really that upset?

7. I'm still managing to get good grades on papers and homework assignments that I complete within a few hours before class. Good for my confidence, but bad for the quality of my works. If my name wasn't 'Peter' I'd have no problem giving myself a nickname and putting 'Last Minute' in front of it.

8. AA meetings are for quitters.

9. I'm on cup of coffee number 4 this morning. Some might consider that an addiction.

10. I have 9 minutes left to write this and I'm running out of things to talk about. So I'm going to just write the first five words that come to my mind. NOW.

11. Muskrat

12. Fire

13 Babies

14. Rocket Fuel

15. Jack Palance

16. Well that was fun. 7 minutes left of this Flash Blog.

17. I had a good talk on the phone with an old friend, Amanda Martin last night. I have to clarify her last name because I know 502,845,039 Amandas. Needless to say, it was nice to catch up on some things and we both promised to try and call eachother once a week....if we're not too busy of course.

18. I have approximately 10 games of Words with Friends going on right now, all of which it is my turn to make a move. That's a lot of words to come up with, especially with a limited choice of letters. Would it be a bad move to just resign all of them?

19. Who would win in this battle?


20. One minute left. So I will just use that minute to remind you to check out the "World Famous Mokracy Blog" for more interesting info about what's going on the world as well as hilarious commentary and pictures.

21. Peace out!

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