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Friday, October 7, 2011

This Blog is Rated PG-13

Yes. you read that right. The irony is astounding isn't it?

I don't really intend to get into a big discussion about Westboro church because I feel its pointless since pretty much the entire world thinks they are a series of uneducated, misguided, and ignorant douche bags. They have a right to do what they are doing legally, but I'm really hoping the God I believe in doesn't consider it a right to protest and disrespect the funerals of soldiers who gave their lives to protect our AMERICAN rights. Again...more irony. They have to be one of the most ironic groups of individuals I've ever heard of.

It seems that things are not getting any better for the Louisville Orchestra (story). As much as it pains me, I have learned to accept that we don't really live in a world that has a strong appreciation for traditional culture. I have mentioned this before, but it appears that many people are so highly focused on the new cultural out pour of musicianship that they don't quite respect where these ideas originated. But who can blame them when it isn't being taught in school. It's not really in everyone's nature to listen to a song and say "I wonder where these foundations of music originated....I'm going to look that up. Hmmm...well son of a gun, who would have thought that Beethoven was using secondary dominants long before Aerosmith." That's just not the way our mind works.

I used to believe that I had a gift in music. I have recently changed my mind about that. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of gifts I believe God did give me when he created me - but I'm musically inclined because I was trained to be. It isn't the natural talent for music that I have, its the persistence and passion I gained for it over the course of many years. What I'm trying to say is that the understanding and appreciation for music is not something that grows out of nothing. It is something that has to be channeled, and directed. If you don't teach someone the foundations of music, chances are they will never know about them.

Lucky for me, I was at a school that prided its self in the music department - but I guess when the band was winning more competitions than the football team was scoring touchdowns you can kind of see why Lafayette was more of an arts school. I had good directors, and good connections to the music department at UK....which is really what pushed my musical drive. But ultimately, it was making the choice to go further with it that got me where I am today.

I understand this is kind of a sporadic rant, so I will summarize by making a pretty bold claim.

"When the economy finally collapses, half the nation is homeless, and the entire world is in terrifying shambles we are going to NEED the arts as the one thing left in this world that can keep us sane as a society."

And let me be very clear about this. Musically, the arts stretches from as early as Pythagoras to Lady Gaga. I say this because there was a misconception that I was against pop music, which is absolutely NOT the case.

Well, enough on that. Here's the autocorrect for the day.

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

It's quite possible that was actually a spelling error and not an autocorrect. Still pretty freakin' hilarious, nonetheless.

Music Majors.....

It's sad how realistic this is pertaining to a lot of music majors.

So Duncan Bohannon, a film score composer that lives in LA, is coming to New Albany on Monday to give a seminar on writing music for film. Apparently he has written additional musc for the TV show 'Chuck' which happens to be my favorite show, so I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to meet him. His father plays trumpet in two of the ensembles I am in, so his connections with IU Southeast are really strong.

And if you haven't watched 'Chuck' before, I will give you two reasons.

Yes...he is....A BADASS.

And of course the other reason, which most guys will enjoy.....

You're welcome.

It appears that I may need a new radiator. It's leaking antifreeze...which pretty much sucks because I don't really have a whole lot of money to pay for a new radiator, so I'm hoping its a minor fix that won't cost more than $100. I've had several pieces of guy recommended I drop the contents of an egg in there to stop the leak. No offense to him, but I never read the Redneck's Guide to Auto Repair, and don't plan on reading it anytime soon. The other advice that my brother gave me was to use water instead of antifreeze. I have never heard that before, but I may try it cause I can't really see water hurting anything. I mean, if someone suggested using water as a way to fix an electrical problem, then of course I'd be concerned. But water is certainly a lot cheaper than antifreeze.

"Nothing a month? Yes! I think we can afford that!" - Homer Simpson

Less than a month away before the biggest performance of my musical career!!! The band is sounding really great on 'Fantasy on an American Folk Hymn'! a composer, and because it IS my baby, allow me to be critical for just a second.

The biggest problem they seem to have is playing together and in time. Lots of very talented musicians, but I just wish they would look up from time to time. One thing that always amazes me is how people that have been playing longer than I have - and I mean by DECADES - can't seem to read a 7/8 bar. I've never read a 7/8 bar where the duration of the triplet eighth notes is faster than the duration of the duplets. But for some reason, so many performers want to speed them up, no matter how the conductor conducts them.

Props goes to Phil Thomas, however. He has done an outstanding job rehearsing the piece, and his interpretation is nearly dead-on with what I was expecting. Which I guess says a lot about my writing many times have you read a piece in which you weren't quite sure what the composer was going for?

For those of you who aren't a big fan of drinking Bourbon straight.....

I recommend the Goldstein.

Alright, I think I've made this blog epic enough. Be sure to check out the "World Famous Mokracy Blog" for more entertaining if this wasn't enough.

Au revoir!

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